Highland, lowland rain forest, salt lakes, llamas, coca-leaf chewing, baked hamsters and the world’s highest capital and commercially navigable lake.

Bolivia is the highest-lying country in South America. It is also the country where most Indians, over 50 percent of the population, keeping their traditional beliefs and values. Bolivia is the poorest country in the western world with Haiti but one of the richest in old and current Indian cultures. Bolivia is the cheapest country in South America and is waiting to be discovered. It has five neighbors, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile. The country is the fifth largest in the continent just about the same size as Venezuela, Peru and Colombia. There are areas with tropical climate and rainforest such as the humid the Amazon Basin with warm but wet climate. Other areas such as Lake Titicaca has a dry climate with very cold evenings year round. The south is desert climate with hot days and freezing temperatures at night for the world’s largest salt lake, Uyuni. There is hiking across the mountains. The Southeast is part of the Amazon rainforest with good excursions but not as well developed as in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia.

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