One country that holds almost all of Latin America in one is Colombia. It is a mini-cosmos of Latin America with it´s Pacific and Caribbean coast, several intersecting mountain ranges, the Amazon rainforest and charming and authentic flavor from the indigenous Indians, European colonial settlers and descendants of the African slaves.

Colombia has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture and nature. From the snow-capped Andes mountains to the lowlands and tropical rainforests. With different history and culture this makes Colombia a colorful and exciting travel destination.

Colombia is located in the northwest corner of South America and borders Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. The north coast facing the Caribbean Sea, the west towards the Pacific. Andes divide in western Colombia in three small mountain ranges, stretching from north to south and divides the country into three: the west slopes, central valley and to the east the lowlands of the Amazon rainforest and the great swamp-savannas, Los Llanos. Colombia has many different habitats from high alpine areas and volcanoes to cloud forest, mangrove forest, desert and savannah. On the Caribbean coast are also white sandy beaches and coral reefs. Colombia also includes the idyllic islands of San Andres and Providencia, located far north off the Nicaraguan coast.

The main attractions are in addition to the capital Bogota the Caribbean colonial gem of Cartagena and its surrounding coast rich in bloody history filled with pirates, slave rebellions and independence wars against the Spaniards. The Lost City? Go and seak at Tayrona National Park.

West of Bogota is the ultramodern metropolis Medellin that definitely has put it´s 1980s drug past behind. A little further between Medellin and the music-fortress of Cali lies the coffee-region which is a must for its nature, people, and exquisite archeology and gastronomy. The hospitality is the best in all of Colombia.

To the south in the volcanic area near the border with Ecuador awaits incredible excursions. Are you up the ultimate isolating-experience then, try to, get to the isolated town of Leticia in Colombia’s most southeastern corner literally on the brink of both Brazil and Peru.

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