I am a journalist and of curious nature writing and reporting all aspects of life – in South America. I work as a traditional journalist both in written media but also with radio and television. I frequently appear on the public service stations in Denmark such as Danmarks Radio, Radio 24syv and rarer on DR2 and TV2 television.

I have my own book- projects, which all deal with aspects of the South American reality either for local or my own life down here.

I am an all-round journalist with extensive knowledge of Latin American relations in general in politics, economy, culture and sports and have also finished a master’s in economics recently at the University of Buenos Aires.

Curriculum Vitae

Rune Vitus Harritshøj – born 1971 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Stationed in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1999-2000, 2001- present

1987-1990 Matematical student from the high-school, Rungsted Gymnasium
1994-1998 Journalist from the Danish School of Journalism in Århus, Denmark (EU-proyect april 1995 in Ireland arranged by the EU Commission. 8th Semester Political Science at University of Melbourne, Australia)
1998-1999 Spanish bachelor at the Copenhagen University
2012-2014 Master in International Economic Relations at the school of post-grade, Economic Faculty at Buenos Aires University

Working experience
1998-1999 Journalist & informations-consultant at the magazine, Danske Kommuner, in the ONG Danish Municipalities, Copenhagen (www.kl.dk)
1999-2000 South American correspondent for the daily, Berlingske Tidende (www.berlingske.dk), stationed in
Buenos Aires
2000-2001 Journalist for the daily Kristeligt Dagblad (www.k.dk), stationed in Copenhagen
2001-2002 South American correspondent for the daily, Berlingske Tidende (www.berlingske.dk), stationed in
Buenos Aires
2002-2005 South American correspondent for the daily, Information (www.information.dk), stationed in
Buenos Aires
2005-2008 South American correspondent for the daily, Børsen (www.borsen.dk), stationed in
Buenos Aires
2007-2012 Press-consultant in the Danish-Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Buenos Aires, w camaradanesa.org.ar

2002- South American correspondent for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Danmarks Radio (www.dr.dk),
stationed in Buenos Aires
1999- Freelance-writer for magazine thruout Scandinavia, dealing subjects like environment, human rights,
travelling, sports, cultures, example: Le Monde diplomatique (http://lmd.no/index.php?skribent=745)
2010- Tour-leader for Danish-Scandinavian groups thruout Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Peru
2014- Author of the first edition of the Danish-Norwegian guidebook, Turen Går Til Argentina & Chile, at the
editor-firm Politikens Forlag, due March 2016

– Author of the historical introduction to the book, ”indvandrernes paradis”, about Danish roots in Argentina,
Geografforlaget 2007
– Several political-economical speeches at the Universities of Copenhagen and Aalborg and also at the Copenhagen Business School
– Main speech at the ”Latin American Day” at the Danish Organization of Industries, November 2007,
– Speaks and writes Spanish, Portuguese and English. Less French, German and Swedish. Danish needless to say
– Several groups from the Danish Association of Football during 2004/5 visiting Argentine top-clubs.
– Travelling Asia, Oceania and North/South America during 1991 and 1992.

El Bolsón, Rio Negro province, Patagonia, Argentina


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